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I strive to make extraordinary pieces of innovative art clothing that's wearable. While travelling, I get my inspirations from all over the world.

Dress of Flames

Phenix the fire bird

In the first place I made this dress for a known competition - The Austrian Haute Couture Award. The topic was "fire". So I decided to make a dress which changes its shape constantly. Like fire does. I thought it would look great on a catwalk. However the jury just got photos. If you ask me, the photos where not showing the full potential of this dress. So I said to myself:"One day this dress gets dignified photos". And here they are. My friends made it come true. Norbert Kopf is a brilliant Photographer and Gerlinde Radler is the "Queen of Fire".

The silk and the opportunity for letting the "Dress of Fire" come true was given by my father and "Wimmer Schneider". Thank you all! It was fun!

coming soon ...

Flower Power

Fortune favours the brave

Do you believe in what you see? Some people are not brave enough to take a look outside of the world of facts. Doing something out of the blue will get you a new view. I don't believe in science, religion, money, judgement, knowledge... I know that I know nothing and I know that you know nothing. So in the end it comes to our faith. It is fascinating how strong people become when they have trust in life and in themselves. So I believe what feels right to me in the moment. This is when our heart is talking with us. This is NOW.

For now I can say that I have trust in the good of all people. With my colorful artfit I want to inspire you to be brave.

The Old Craft Of Tailoring

10th generation

I've learnt from the best. My parents are running a tailor's shop in a small village in the heart of Austria. I grew up among professional tailors who produce beautiful traditional clothes by hand. My mother is our amazing designer, who I admire a lot. My father is known as one of the most expertised tailors of our time and founder of the tailor academy.

Here you see one of my self made suits from the time I was an apprentice. Thank you parents for always supporting me!

Here is the link to our tailor's shop ~ established 1741 ~

aaaaa 2.jpg

Prinz Leo 

My brother the rockstar!

I love to use my skills for the brave ones. They inspire us the most. My brother went to London with a dream. He wants to change the world for better with music. My world he has changed already.

Leo is my most loyal customer. Also the most royal one.  One of his artfits you can see here.

Check out his music <3

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